January 11th, 2014

Blizzard at the Nubble Lighthouse

Blizzard on January 2, 2014 at Nubble Lighthouse -filmed by Kevin Freeman

Our next meeting will be Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 1 pm. We will be meeting at the York Public Library, downstairs in the Kennebunk Room. All of our meeting are open to the public. We hope to see you there!

Newsbreak! Pamela Wallis has posted a chapter for our book. Please click this link to read…Agamenticus Village – A Short History by Pamela Wallis

Dam ruins on Cape Neddick River near first freshwater pool.

Dam ruins on Cape Neddick River near first freshwater pool.

Our last meeting was held on November 16, at the Cape Neddick Baptist Church. Thanks to the church and Pastor Don Nelson for providing us the space. You can read a brief review here…November 16 meeting notes

Read the interview/article about our endeavor in the Portsmouth Herald by Susan Morse…History Minded Trio Writing Book on Cape Neddick

Here you will find people who have a special interest in Cape Neddick, Maine. If you would like to submit your photos, stories, history, recordings, videos or something else please contact Jeanne Wells.

The Webber home on Logging Road in Cape Neddick. Date unknown

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What we need…

We are interested in creating a collection of stories about Cape Neddick. The stories can be family stories, true stories and even believe it or not stories. We are also interested in creating an historical perspective based on primary sources that historians may find valuable in future generations. So, we are trying to create a book that is an honest reflection of history, here say and charm. Of course we realize how important photos are for a history project, so please check your albums, your parents and grandparents albums to see if there is anything which you feel belongs in this book.

This is a collaborative effort which we expect to evolve. We welcome your input, suggestions, information or just setting the record straight.


Because we all love history! History helps us better understand ourselves and local history provides us with a sense of place. Preserving an

Cape Neddick

October 5, 2013 meeting at the York Public Library

interpretation of the present immediately becomes history. From the Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern day monuments humankind has always found it necessary to preserve aspects of their existence. Here in Cape Neddick we feel no different.

Our aspiration is to create a collaborative view of what it was like to live in Cape Neddick based on our resources. The accumulation of data will be organized and compiled into a book format. Once the book is published it will be available for public purchase and the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit historic organization.

Please don’t be shy, history is so important for us all, it helps us understand from where we came and likely, where we are going.

What to do…

You can begin by writing your stories, history or anything else that is about Cape Neddick. We are not especially interested in more recent history but have not established any boundaries yet. So if you are not sure please submit your questions to history@capeneddickmaine.org

This website will serve as a repository of material while the book progresses. You can read other persons stories, view photographs and see how things are going. If you submit a story it will be posted here as well. We will set up access to the website for all authors, so they can make posts directly. Otherwise, if you wish, we will be happy to post your stories.

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